I'm a 21 year old videographer and photographer with over 7 years of experience. My journey started as a kid in high school who watched too many youtube videos. I was gifted a GoPro and started making adventure videos with friends which then lead to short films and cinematic edits of anything we could find that looked interesting. Anyone who knew me then would tell you, I was constantly in the process of making a video. Whether it be editing or filming, there was always a project on my hands. As I began to increase the quality of my gear I was met with a love for photography too. It gave me the same satisfaction at a fraction of the time and effort it takes to make a video. Through constant research and practice my work has become of a professional level. I knew I could do this for the rest of my life when hearing or reading the reactions of my family and peers. Through years of learning how my craft could be useful to society, I am proud to say this is my business and my full time job. I am attached to no niche and I love to be challenged with new types of content and clients bases. I make any type of video or photo content. I am very confident in my ability to shoot weddings, promotional videos, and music videos as they seem to make the most impact. 

- Luke Woolridge